Improving Reading Skills Using Technology

Reading is one better way or the most efficient way to get knowledge. Without proper reading skills then it happens that getting knowledge will not be wholesome, because there are some aspects that can only be achieved well with good reading skills. The method used today in reading, in most cases are not efficient since they do not give a clear and qualitative analysis of the reading techniques acquired. But the Lexia Reading Program has been proven from a scientific researches to be efficient and productive. Many of those who have used the program agree that it is functional and very efficient.

Lexia Reading Program 2 300x300 Improving Reading Skills Using TechnologyThe Focus areas of the Program
The program takes into consideration some pivotal points so as to achieve efficiency and high outcomes. The areas include.

  1. Provides a range of exercises that will enhance, fluency, phonological skill and good comprehension of sounds
  2. Logical sequencing of ideas and skills that enhances better grasp of the concepts
  3. Exercises that are interactive and increase in difficult to test the level of understanding of the student
  4. Independence of the students, which in essence plays a role to enhance the students confidence
  5. An easily downladble program that can run on various computers as per the choice of the students

The program has three categories that are based on the level of education of the student.

1. Early Reading
This category is for those aged between 4 to 6 years. It is geared towards providing phonological skills that include word segmenting rhyme and sound articulation skills. The second part deals with alphabetic skills which help the student to understand the vowel, letter combinations and consonants.

2. Reading Foundation
This level deals with imparting the student with reading techniques which are acquired through the regular and many practices available in the program. The skills that the student gains include the application of phonological knowledge that improve reading speed and at the same time enhancing the understanding of words. The program is also geared towards enhancing the listening skills and following of instructions.

3. Older students Strategy
This level of the program is geared towards students age above the ages of 9. It is meant to bring together the skills from the basic level and the second level and synchronize them properly so as to reach greater understanding of these students. The proactive engagement of the students leads to greater understanding of phonic skills that enables the students have a better attack of words, and as well automatic word recognition. This is best achieved by cultivating the skills of word recognition that makes the student quickly understand the word as well read it.

Our Views

Finally, this program as mentioned earlier is absolutely effective, and comes handy for those who want to enhance the reading skills in both their children at home, and for the teachers at school. The best part of it all is that the program follows the ministry of learning policy on education. Above all there are tutors who are well equipped with skills to evaluate the students’ performance and give very comprehensive reports on how they are improving or give recommendations for what the students need to do.

The Core Benefits of Reading Games

Lexia Reading Games 1 The Core Benefits of Reading GamesLexia learning is today considered as one of the most effective reading technology. The program seeks to promote the literacy of students of all ages through their various programs and reading games. The best part is that the programs are designed to incorporate vital components that are found in the normal reading curriculum. Students are able to benefit from a clear, efficient and personalized learning program that is tailored to better their reading skills. Research shows that the many programs including reading games enable learners to acquire an array of vital skills.

The use of games helps to make the learning process more enjoyable. It remains a fact that this is so far the best way to capture the attention of a child and begin learning on the right foot to reading success. When you use creative and entertaining games, then the child will automatically consider reading as a fun activity.

Scientific studies show that the better part of brain development happens before a child attains that age of five. By beginning the process of reading early, you will be able to give a child the burning desire to want to learn and know more things. Lexia programs are fashioned to enable children to get an interest in acquiring more knowledge by use of written words. Games make it possible for children to acquire reading skills with a lot of enjoyment.

Apart from the obvious fact that reading games can help youngsters to practice reading as well as writing skills, the programs also improve the vocabulary and spelling aptitude of a child. There are also special games that enable students to better their grammar. What you may not know is that when a child plays and learns regularly, he or she is able to improve memory, comprehension and general mental capacity.

Knowing how to read and write is not easy. Remember that other components are also vital in the process. Learning programs could assist a child tremendously in pronunciation. This means that a student will be able to become more fluent when communicating in a particular language. Children are also encouraged to build their imagination and creativity. Once a child begins to get spellings and pronunciations correctly he or she becomes more confident and is able to show this during lessons and when interacting with other people.

Since there are numerous reading games for children, it is best to be wise when choosing which ones to purchase for your child. In case your kid has not tried out the programs in the past, the most sensible thing to do is to begin with a beginners program. This will make the child appreciate the sequence of learning and understanding things systematically. Amazingly, this learning tool has proven to be beneficial for not only children but also grown-ups.

When shopping for reading games, be sure to inquire about the age ranges for the particular program you like. Consider the abilities of your child in order to establish the special features that should be present for example auditory or visual learning features. Also check out whether a game can be played independently or a child will need the constant assistance of a parent or teacher.

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